Sports Officials Consultancy are unique in their field and are passionate about the development of people. We firmly believe all people have the ability to reach their own potential in whatever they do. Our experience and creativity allow us to work flexibly and dynamically providing a professional, tailored solution for clients. 

Working across both the private and public sector, we supply high quality consultancy, including expertise in organisational development to unlock workforce potential, impacting on your team’s ability to raise their standard of delivery. We focus on embedding change in practice and behaviour - the impact of awareness of individuals will shift your organisation into a proactive people-centred culture, therefore maximising motivation and output. 

We deliver training specific to the needs of the organisations to build working relationships both internally and externally as well as specialising in managing change, communication and emotional intelligence - enabling enhanced performance of both teams and individuals. We also have vast experience both nationally and internationally in the design and delivery of theoretical and practical programmes, with a clear vision of underlying trends and practices in Education and Training.

Sports Officials Consultancy will make a difference to your organisation and bring a new and exciting innovative approach - enabling you to meet the ever-changing demands of Sports Officials within the industry.

Sports Officials Consultancy are members of the Institute For Learning (IFL).

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Mission Statement...

To design and deliver bespoke strategies to enable you to manage officiating efficiently and cohesively within your organisation.

To identify and support the
training requirements within your organisation - enabling maximum efficiency and development of your workforce.

Through strategic development, unlock your workforce’s
potential leading to enhanced performance and motivation.

Through strategic planning
and delivery, enhance the communication and positive culture of the organisation within the sporting environment resulting in raised standards throughout


Sports officials carrying out their duties.