Introduction to Assessing (1 day)

The emphasis is about enhancing assessing skills in order to critically evaluate the performance of a sports official and offer quality constructive feedback. Assessment through specific practical tasks to ensure learning has taken place and has been clearly understood.

Learning Outcomes
• To understand the role of an Assessor
• Have a clear understanding of how people process information
• To have a clear understanding of appropriate record keeping
• Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback in an appropriate way
• Able to identify key areas of strengths and developments 
• Understanding of a competency base marking scheme
• Through the observation of a live match, event or video, produce a quality specimen report
• Conduct a positive post-match / event de-brief

Cost: £95.00 per candidate (inclusive of all course resources)
Accreditation: Non Accredited Course

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Sports officials carrying out their duties.