YST National Young Officials Academy

YST National Young Officials Academy

Date: 25-03-2014

The National Young Officials Academy (NYOA), was held during the weekend before Christmas 2013 and it was a resounding success. The first of its kind, a small cohort of promising young officials were invited by their NGB’s to attend and to represent them. 

Sports Officials UK (SOUK) was delighted to be asked to deliver at this event for young officials from Swimming, Cycling, Tennis and Athletics. The challenge was in making the officiating content generic in order to roll it out to the young adults representing the different sports together. They tackled subjects such as ‘Communication’, ‘Honesty, Ethics, Integrity and Fair Play’, and ‘Emotional Intelligence’. These examples are issues that are apparent in every sport as well as in day to day life. There was a noticeable positive change in some of the young people who attended, and we saw their confidence raise as well as them being more comfortable in themselves. 

In order to cement the knowledge in each module into the memory of the young adults, SOUK included loads of games and activities. The attendees were asked to remember one key learning point from each module and at the end of the weekend they had to use and represent this knowledge into a ‘team challenge’. They were asked to invent a game or example and presented this to the rest of the group. For many of the people at the academy, this was the best part – it brought together all the learning from the weekend as well as showing off newly acquired skills and it was great fun with lots of laughter. 

The feedback was brilliantly positive and this academy has opened doors for more events like this in the future with an alliance between SOUK and the Youth Sports Trust.


Sports officials carrying out their duties.