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You Are The Ref!

Product Code: SOCS1301

A Guide to Good Refereeing

Based on the well-known, long-running You Are the Ref football feature, illustrated by legendary artist Paul Trevillion, this guide is aimed at established and newly qualified football referees. This is an accessible, easy-to-digest coaching manual - the mysteries of refereeing are explained clearly, and brought to life with Paul Trevillion’s images and Keith Hackett’s incisive text. 

You are the Ref will cover all aspects of Refereeing and Assistant Referee training such as: Movement and Positioning; Recognition of offences; Viewing angles; Whistle and Flag Technique; Management of Mass Confrontation; Sports Psychology; Managing Conflict; Teamwork; Law 11 (offside) explained; Goal and target setting; How to deal with Assessments; Warming up; Warming Down; Polar Heart Monitors; Pre- Match preparation; Fit to play Ref?; Mentor programme; Coaching Referees; Body Language; Self-Assessment; and much much more...

With a foreword by Howard Webb, the international referee who officiated at the World Cup Final in South Africa in 2010


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Sports officials carrying out their duties.